Concealed Carry Classes

State of Illinois Licensed Firearms Training Programs, & Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit Courses in Chicago, IL.

        Continuing Education Courses & Workshops

     Fidelity Academy is proud to offer continuing education courses in subjects related to our main coursework.

     These courses have few or no prerequisites and are offered for personal development or interest. These are not certificated courses and are not offered for credit in any core curriculum at the Academy.


Federal Firearms License C&R Workshop (1 Day)

     This workshop is for individuals who are interested in obtaining a federal firearms license as a "curios and relics" licensee. This is not a course for individuals looking to obtain a license to be a firearms dealer. The workshop will go over what the license is, and what it allows an individual to do.

     We also go over certain types of firearms that a "C & R" licensee may possess in Illinois that they may not possess without the license, and provide additional information and forms related to those firearms types. Also, we will cover duties and responsibilities of licensees.

     We provide the forms necessary to complete the application, and provide instructions on how to send the application and to whom. Students should have their State ID/DL and FOID card with them, as well as check or credit card account for the application fee.

This course requires pre-registration. No walk-ins.

Course Duration: 4 Hours    Tuition: $ 20.00 


Firearm Maintenance Workshop

     In this workshop, you will learn to properly field strip, clean and maintain your firearm. Many firearm accidents occur simply because the owner failed to keep the firearm properly maintained. Academy armorer Joel Rossi, will walk you through the necessary steps for maintaining your firearm, review specific items that will require periodic care or replacement, demonstrate how to safety add certain accessories to your firearm, and discuss which firearm modifications should never be done by a gunowner for liability reasons.

     This is a "hands on" course. Students are to bring their cased, unloaded firearm (no ammunition) and FOID card to the class. Students should also bring their cleaning kits for their firearms (kits available for purchase if needed by student) and rubber gloves to protect hands from solvents.

This course requires pre-registration. No walk-ins.

Course Duration: 4 Hours    Tuition: $ 65.00