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    Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

This One-Day, All-Inclusive Course is held on certain Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays every month. Check the "Courses Calendar" for exact dates, and register online to reserve your seat.  Obtain a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit and carry in Wisconsin and 31 other states!  No Live-Fire Range Requirement!


General Course Information...

Our Course...

     Fidelity Investigative Training Academy is proud to provide a course of instruction for Illinois residents wishing to obtain a non-resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit. Our course is tailored to introduce the student to relevant Utah laws that pertain to the concealed carry permit, the practical aspects of concealed carry, firearm safety, home safety, firearm basics, ammunition, and maintenance.  When you decide to register, click on the links provided on this page to go to our main website. There, you will be able to review the current month's calendar of courses to select the date you wish to attend class. Then, register for that course and indicate the class date you wish to attend, pay the registration fee, and save your seat.



     Are provided by Biometric Impressions, a State of Illinois licensed and approved fingerprint vendor. Fingerprints are laser scanned by the "live scan" process, and then printed onto fingerprint cards using the latest technology. This method eliminates unreadable fingerprint cards created by inexperienced or untrained individuals, and results in 100% readable fingerprints every time. Why take chances anywhere else?

     Many "all-in-one" courses use unlicensed individuals to fingerprint applicants, resulting in the FBI rejecting fingerprint cards due to poorly-taken prints. When this happens, the application is sent back to the applicant and additional fingerprints are requested. This prolongs the process greatly. By using a State of Illinois licensed fingerprint specialists, approved by the Illinois State Police, prints that are picture-perfect are sent in, to assure that the permit is issued quickly.


Our Instructors...

     All of our firearms instructors are certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and NRA Civilian Firearms Instructors. In addition, the firearms instructor for this course is a State of Utah-certified Concealed Firearms Instructor.


What You Need To Bring To Class...

     There is no live-fire range requirement for the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course. Bring your State ID or Driver's License and come ready to learn!


After You Register For Class...

    All required State of Utah forms are provided for your use.  In addition, after registering for class, call us and speak to the registrar at: (224) 678 - 0311 to verify your registration and receive additional information.


What You Get...

     Your tuition pays for: the course instruction, fingerprints, photograph, and mailing of your completed package. You must include a check or money order (or provide a credit card number on the application form) payable to the "Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification" in the amount of $ 51.00 as a non-resident applicant. 



    All prospective students are expected to register prior to class and follow the instructions provided during the registration and pre-course preparation. Last minute re-scheduling must be confirmed with the Academy registrar prior to the start of class, however, registration fees are non-refundable.  Ensure that you want to take this class prior to registration, and that you have time on the specified date(s) to take this class.


You must register online for class, prior to the start date of that course. 


Course Dates:   This One-Day, All-Inclusive Course is held every month. Check the "Courses Calendar" for exact dates, and register online to reserve your seat. 


Course Dates:

December 22, 2013
January 26, 2014
February 23. 2014
April 27, 2014
May 25, 2014
June 22, 2014
July 27, 2014
August 24, 2014
September 28, 2014
October 26, 2014
November 23, 2014
         December 28, 2014


Questions? Call Us Now At: (224) 678-0311

Tuition: $ 125.00      Pay the tuition online by Credit Card or Pay Pal                                  

Frequently Asked Questions About The Concealed Firearm Permit...
 - From the Utah Department of Public Safety
If I get stopped by a police officer, do I, as a permit holder, have to tell the officer that I have a gun in my possession?

     Although there is no legal requirement to identify yourself to a law enforcement officer, it is recommended to do so.

      If an officer finds or sees a gun on your person during their contact with you, and you have not identified yourself as a permit holder in legal possession of a firearm, the officer may assume you are carrying the gun illegally and may take defensive action. For the safety of all involved, it is recommended to immediately identify yourself to the officer as a permit holder in possession of a handgun. This action gives the officer some assurance they are most likely dealing with a law abiding citizen.

Is there any way that I can check to see if my criminal history will prevent me from obtaining a concealed firearm permit BEFORE I go through the whole process of applying?

     Yes. You can come into our office or call by phone and ask to speak with one of the investigators. If you explain to the investigator what type of problem you have had, he can give you a good idea whether you qualify for a concealed firearm permit or not.

Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification

As a permit holder, exactly, where can I carry or not carry a handgun?

     The concealed firearm permit allows an individual to carry a firearm fully loaded and concealed.  The permit also allows an individual to carry a firearm into public schools. Permit holders can not carry a firearm into federal or state restricted areas i.e. any airport secured area, federal facilities, courts, correctional & mental health facilities, law enforcement secured areas, a house of worship or private residence where notice given and/or posted, any secured area in which firearms are prohibited and notice posted, or otherwise prohibited by state of federal law.

What about private businesses? Can they post signs prohibiting someone from carrying a gun into their business even though the person has a concealed firearms permit?

     Naturally, private property owners may apply whatever restrictions they want. Whether or not these restrictions violate one's constitutional rights is for the civil courts to decide. But the only statutory restrictions on a permit holder are secured areas such as airports and federal buildings.

May I carry my loaded and concealed firearm into a bar or other drinking establishment?

     There is nothing in state statute that prohibits permit holders from being in a bar with a concealed firearm. However, it is illegal to be intoxicated and in possession of a firearm. The level of intoxication that is considered illegal is the same standard as when driving a car. (.08 B.A.C.)

If I feel someone MAY be a threat to me, can I show them that I have a gun to scare them off?

     Any action you take with a gun must be in direct self-defense; otherwise, it may be considered threatening with a dangerous weapon and you could be labeled as the aggressor. You may be criminally charged and you will possibly have your permit to carry a concealed firearm revoked. Carrying a firearm is very serious business. There is no room for mistakes. If you pull a firearm on someone or even display the weapon, then it must be in self defense or it is not justified.

Do I have to be a Utah resident to obtain a concealed firearm permit?

     No. Any U.S. citizen or legal resident (with the intent to reside in the United States) may obtain a Utah concealed firearm permit, providing they meet the minimum qualifications.

If I have a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit, do I have to go through the standard "Brady Bill Background Check" when I purchase a firearm?

     A valid Utah concealed firearm permit may be used to waive the BCI background check and the corresponding fees. However, the dealer is still required to call BCI to confirm the validity of the concealed firearm permit.